On The Beet

We are all more than aware of the fact we need to look after ourselves (especially so as we clock up the mileage).  Five a day, exercise daily, treats in moderation and so on and so forth.  Well what better way to get all of the above than in the shape of a lusciously moist, decadently dark, unbelievably squidgy chocolate cake!  What! How? I hear you cry.  Let me tell you.  By baking from start to finish a rich chocolate beetroot cake.   However, I warn you this is no mean feat of a cake.  You gotta work this sucker!  On the plus side that’s your daily exercise quota nailed.  Now, moving on.  Grating beetroot is not for the faint hearted nor the image conscious at that.  Your hands will look like you just participated in an episode of Dexter if you do what I did and forget to wear gloves.  Its sooooo worth it though believe me, and the beetroot counts as one of your five a day!  Don’t question it, it does.  Really.  It’s a healthy cake.  Ish….


Once the grating is out of the way the rest is simples and after completing and conquering this masterpiece of moreishness you will get over the purple staining of everything you hold dear and bake it over and over again.  For it is the dense, fudgy, moist-to-the-point-of-compelling-you-to-dive-in-and-bathe-in-it’s chocolately crumb that will make you want to bake this cake and just eat it completely all by yourself x


Beetroot Cake with beets


Beetroot slice in a bowl


About Sharon Duffin Photography

Professional photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

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