Skinny is the Word

Now that Easter is officially off the scene, it’s time to stop eating chocolate bunnies and eat more like a bunny!  I’m sure you are aware the government have recently upped the stakes (or should that be beef steak tomatoes) and announced that five portions of fruit and veg a day just doesn’t cut it anymore and advise we should be aiming to consume a daily  seven!.  Phew, that’s a lotta consuming!  What’s the best way to get all these lovely nutrients in your system in one fell swoop?  A one shot wonder of delicious juice and the nicest I’ve tried so far have to be by local juice and super food company, Skinny Malinky’s.  Blended lovingly by Paula Heaney, she combines a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, crafting each juice meticulously to deliver wondrous benefits to the body, mind and soul.  7 a day? Wee buns 🙂

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