Fishy Scales and Waggy Tails

Last weekend I popped into the wonderful Salty Dog in Bangor for a spot of  lunch (their seafood chowder is to die for).  Following an ample serving of foodie satisfaction, I went to see what local products the hotel had on offer.  Sourcing all their ingredients locally, The Salty Dog are an excellent example of promoting homegrown – using and selling beautiful produce from across the Province.  Something in particular caught my eye as it’s not at all expected in a Hotel restaurant, or any ‘human’ eatery for that matter!  I was looking at Armstrong’s Twisted Fish Dog Treats with growing curiosity.  Reading the little information leaflet, I learned they are made from 100% natural dehydrated fish skins (cod, haddock and salmon).  No additives, colours or preservatives in these bad boys, or should I say good boys!  I took a bag of treats home , excited to see the reactions of my Jack Russell Terrier Molly.


twisted fish cropped bag


I open the bag and inside are an abundance of the fishy twiglets, Molly is very interested at this stage.  She circles my feet enthusiastically with her head up, nose stuck in the air and looking hopeful for something to fall out of the bag and into her mouth.


twisted fish sticks


After further inspection (I’m pretty sure I too could eat these treats and get away with it), I lay a few out for Molly to sniff over….


Molly and fish treats

Sniffing, sniffing and result – she seems to like this one!





They’re a hit!  Nice work Armstrong’s, Twisted Fish Treats from now on!


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About Sharon Duffin Photography

Professional photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

13 responses to “Fishy Scales and Waggy Tails

  1. Jill Pringle

    Trying to get hold of Armstrongstwistedfish want to buy some

  2. Hi Sharon, I don’t know how I have only come across this now. Thank you so much for your write up. We love your article and must share it on our facebook and twitter. We are delighted that your dog loves the product. I remember that you put one of the photos into the competition as it was one of my personal favourites! If you haven’t tried some salmon yet let me know and will post you out a free sample. Thanks again Sharon for the great read!

    • Hi Petra,

      No problem, I enjoyed doing it and Molly enjoyed being my food tester! I have another wee Jack Russell too now and he loves them just as much, both mad for a twisted stick lol. I would LOVE to try the salmon sticks on the pair of them, thank you!

      My address is 90 Glendale Park, Belfast BT8 6HS. Thanks so much, hopefully they don’t get munched as soon as they come through the letterbox! I will do a little follow up piece, I’m sure they will do down a treat 🙂

      • Petra Armstrong

        Thanks Sharon, we really appreciate it. We love to hear that the dogs are enjoying the treats as it makes all the hard work worth it. There are two of us who run Armstrong’s Twisted Fish, there is myself and Carole. Carole is in Belfast tomorrow so she is going to pop by and deliver your salmon sometime in the afternoon so your dogs won’t have to wait too much longer! 🙂

      • Hi Petra, thank you that would be great! I will be at work unfortunately and don’t get home until 5, it would have been lovely to meet Carole. It’s so nice to hear success stories from local businesses and especially such a niche market as yourselves – I love what you do and people really love their pets over here, I love treating my two! Thanks again 🙂

      • Petra Armstrong

        Hi Sharon, just keeping you updated. Carole will leave the treats up on Friday as her appointment in Belfast has been changed from today to tomorrow. You will definitely have them tomorrow though. Sorry about the slight delay

      • Hi Petra,

        Carole left the treats off on Friday, thank you. I was away at the weekend and been so busy these past few days but I will soon get a piece written up on the salmon treats, my two adore them! I’m trying to save them until I get the blog post done and they are going nuts for them lol. I’ll be in touch again soon!



      • Petra Armstrong

        No problem Sharon. I’m glad the they are loving the salmon treats!

  3. Valerie Morrison

    Hi Sharon, I live at Fourwinds, so close to you. I will be seeing Petra on Saturday at a NI Husky Havens 2nd Birthday Party, if you would like me to bring you some! If you are free your JRT’s would enjoy this party!!!

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