Fishy Scales and Waggy Tails Round Two…

So the other week I received a jar of Armstrong’s Twisted Fish salmon treats for the canine members of the house, and boy were they excited!

Twisted Fish jar Twisted Fish open jar

Molly was especially keen as she has already had the pleasure of knowing what this little jar of goodness contains having been my taste tester for my earlier blog post.  I gave them one each at the time to stem to relentless jumping and scraping of my legs to get at what was in my hand – this proved only to encourage more jumping, scratching and so forth with a little competitive growling thrown in (the dogs, not me!).  Basically they went mad for them, and as I put the jar away, their little faces and ears seemed to drop!  A few days later  I began to organise getting a few pictures of the pair of them enjoying their treats.  Arnold in particular LOVED this portion of the task as he scrambled around, sniffing like a truffle pig, looking for more and more treats! I think he messed up the first few shots on purpose to get more…

Arnold eating treats Arnold with jar

As we grow increasingly aware of the additives and preservatives in our own food, so we should pay more attention to what we feed our beloved pets – they are after all an extension of our own family and I love to try and feed my two the most wholesome, natural food and treats that I can.  Armstrong’s Twisted Fish are a no brainer, you can’t get any more natural!  If Molly and Arnold are extra good doggies from now until Christmas, they could be finding Twisted Fish treats in their Santa stockings (yes, they have proper Santa stockings at Christmas and yes, Santa Dog visits too you know!) 😀

Arnold and Molly

You can purchase Armstrong’s Twisted Fish through their website, for news and events updates they also have a Facebook Page  and can be found stocked at The Salty Dog in Bangor.



The Salty Dog

A little while back I was asked along to The Salty Dog in Bangor to shoot some of their delicious recipes using the wonderful Keen nut butters.  I almost got too distracted by the task at hand to take in the beautiful surroundings but I made sure to take a minute and soak up the atmosphere of this lush little seaside retreat.  When the food came out for me to shoot, it was all I could do to not allow myself to unceremoniously tuck in!  Of course that’s not why I was there and so I gathered my thoughts, put my tongue back in my mouth and carried on!  Below are the beautiful creations put together by the talented chefs using only the finest local ingredients – if you wish to taste as well as look, get your butts over there 😛


AG8A3921 AG8A3933Keen Almond Butter Hummus

AG8A3946Choux Keen Hazelnut Butter and chocolate bun,

banana sorbet, milk chocolate mousse and nut brittle

AG8A3959Cocktail using Keen Macadamia and White Chocolate butter

AG8A3936Selection of butters available to buy in the restaurant